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8/9/08 - New Harry Potter Story!

Sequel to Snape's Vocation

Fossils and Frog Spawn - What kind of name is Draco anyway?



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Mine - Part 1

Synopsis: Against his better judgment Severus Snape let a part of himself be used in a spell six years earlier. Now the consequences of his actions cannot be avoided any longer and Snape must change his whole life to take care of his son - Harry Potter.
Warnings: AU
Size of file: 130k
Rating: G - no slash or sex

Mine - Part 2

Synopsis: Continuing the story of Snape taking care of his son - harry Potter.
Warnings: AU
Size of file: 50k
Rating: G - no slash or sex

Snape's Vocation

Sequel to Mine

Story is complete!

Snape's Vocation 01 -Snape and Harry settle down and learn more about each other. Snape's Vocation 02 -Snape wonders if he will make a good father to a little boy still hurting from his neglected upbringing.
Snape's Vocation 03 -Neville arrives and so does the new tutor! Snape's Vocation 04 -Snape and Lupin lock horns.
  Snape's Vocation 05 -Harry and Neville meet Ronnie and Mrs Weasley. Snape's Vocation 06 - Harry gets sick
Snape's Vocation 07 - Snape takes Neville to visit his parents at St Mungo's Snape's Vocation 08 - Just a little potion fun for Harry & his daddy.
Snape's Vocation 09 - It's the last day of school!   Snape's Vocation 10 - Off on holidays.
  Snape's Vocation 11 - Here be dragons! Snape's Vocation 12 - Back at Hogwarts it's still holiday time.
  Snape's Vocation 13 - Birthday party at the Weasleys. Snape's Vocation 14 - The day after the revelation at the party...
Snape's Vocation 15 - Harry has a short adventure. Snape's Vocation 16 - Harry accompanies Snape to visit a fellow brewer in London.
Snape's Vocation 17 - Nightmares!  Snape's Vocation 18 - Harry should learn not to wander out of his dad's sight.
Snape's Vocation 19 - Snape is injured in a potions accident. Snape's Vocation #20 - Cornelius Fudge moves up the date of Harry's hearing. The final chapter of this story.

Sequels to Mine & Snape's Vocation.

                                                            The Absence of Unhappy - Snape gets a glimpse into another time & place.

                                                            After All These Years. - Companion piece to The Absence of Unhappy.

       The Owl & The Puppy-dog. - Sirius Black returns to Hogwarts. 

Fossils and Frog Spawn - What kind of name is Draco anyway?

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