Gillian's Lord of the Rings Stories.

These are all R rated stories for slash and sexual situations.


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Artwork from Shoe: The Travelers. Please click the thumbnail to see it - Isn't it wonderful??

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Artwork from luthien23 - thanks so much! I am so flattered when artists are inspired to create by my story. Please click the thumbnails to see them!

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By Luthien23

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Many Aspects Part 1


Many Aspects Part 2


Many Aspects Part 3


Many Aspects Part 4


Many Aspects

 is now complete!

Pairing: Sam/Frodo

Warnings: Mpreg, NC-17

Synopsis: After the quest Sam finds out that Frodo is ill and takes him to Rivendell searching for a cure. There they meet an elven healer who offers them a possible solution.

Parts: Four



01-On the Journey Home...


02-Gift From the Elves. 


03-Left Behind


04-Describing Sunshine


05-Seen Through the Heart


06-Shadows in the Night






09- Surprises






The Travelers

is now complete!

Pairing: Sam/Frodo

Warnings: NC17 - These stories are a continuation of  an mpreg story.

Part One - Picking up before Many Aspects Part 4 finishes, and told from Frodo's and Merry's point of view. 

Part Two - The family arrive home and Sam sees his dad. 

Part Three - The hobbits plan their welcome home party, deal with Daisy, and chat with Rosie!

Part Four - Merry and Pippin are throwing a party to welcome the Travelers home.

Part Five - Freddy shows his true colours. Warning to fans of Freddy Bolger!

Part Six - A party of elves are camping in the Shire. Frodo and Sam soon find out why!

Part Seven - Our lads have earned a little canoodling in the shade. 

Part Eight - Sam's feeling some nerves.

Part Nine - After all this time Sam & Frodo can still surprise each other.

Part Ten - The last journey of the Fellowship.

Epilogue - The story goes on & on...

Complete - Parts: 1-10 + epilogue 





Hold On


Pairing: Sam/Frodo

Warnings: NC-17, angst

Synopsis: Post-quest story. Sam gets a chance to plead his case when his lover looks set to sail into the West.

Parts: Complete story.

From My Hand Only


Pairing: Faramir and Frodo (amnesia/dumb Frodo!)

Rating: NC-17 - please read warnings on next page

Synopsis: This is a totally AU story (duh)  where a young Captain Faramir  finds a halfling who has been held captives by orcs. The halfling has no memory or language and Faramir takes him as a pet. 

Parts: Complete story.


Another Journey


Pairing: Sam/Frodo

Rating: NC-17 - no graphic rape but there is some sex

Synopsis: Frodo is raped in Minas Tirith and Sam does what he does best and takes care of him.

Parts: Complete story.