I wrote this story way back when - 1999 I think. The idea came upon me and I belted out a chapter a day for about a month. This 34 chapter story is the result. My memory sucks but I know it was available in zine form for a while, though I can't recall who printed it. I've had some requests for my older fic to be put back up so I've put up this story and I plan to put the Jamie Series up again soon too.

I doubt I'll bother with my older stories (Due South) but I might put my Rurouni Kenshin stuff back up. Alas, some stuff was lost forever when my ISP was taken over by another company and my laptop finally died. 

Warnings: B.J Sandburg contains gender bending, slash, pregnancy, what appears to be het sex and Blair/Jim.

Synopsis: The Sandburg Curse - on their thirtieth birthday members of Blair's family have been known to change sex for a year. But try telling Jim that! He learns the hard way that there's more to Blair than he ever thought, and also how tricky those Sentinel mating instincts can be when faced with a female Guide. Freaked out yet? There be humour and sex ahead, if you're interested.


BJ Sandburg 01 BJ Sandburg 12 BJ Sandburg 23 BJ Sandburg 34
BJ Sandburg 02 BJ Sandburg 13 BJ Sandburg 24 BJ Sandburg - Icing On The Cake
BJ Sandburg 03 BJ Sandburg 14 BJ Sandburg 25 BJ Sandburg - Touch
BJ Sandburg 04 BJ Sandburg 15 BJ Sandburg 26 BJ Sandburg - Legacy Part 1
BJ Sandburg 05 BJ Sandburg 16 BJ Sandburg 27 BJ Sandburg - Legacy Part 2
BJ Sandburg 06 BJ Sandburg 17 BJ Sandburg 28 BJ Sandburg - Legacy Part 3
BJ Sandburg 07 BJ Sandburg 18 BJ Sandburg 29 BJ Sandburg - Legacy Part 4
BJ Sandburg 08 BJ Sandburg 19 BJ Sandburg 30 BJ Sandburg - Missing Scene
BJ Sandburg 09 BJ Sandburg 20 BJ Sandburg 31 BJ Sandburg - Epilogue
BJ Sandburg 10 BJ Sandburg 21 BJ Sandburg 32  
BJ Sandburg 11 BJ Sandburg 22 BJ Sandburg 33  




Another old series, this one circa 1998-99. Jim rescues Blair from a war torn country and they adopt a baby boy. Part 18 was the end of the series, the parts after that pick up some stories later in the timeline. This story was also produced in digest sized zine form, at least the first 7 or so parts. I have some stunning artwork by Koz around somewhere, if I get a chance I will find it and scan it in. 

If there are any other of my older stories anyone particularly wants just email me and I will post them.


Jamie Series
Book One
Jamie Series
Book Two
Jamie Series
Book Three
Jamie Series
Stand Alone Stories
Jamie Pt 1 Jamie - Lost & Found Jamie - Bond

Jamie - A Parent's Eyes

Jamie Pt 2 Jamie - Christmas Jamie - Mine

Jamie - Time Will Tell

Jamie Pt 3 Jamie - Priorities Jamie - Reflections

Jamie & The Gun

Jamie Pt 4 Jamie - Memorium Jamie - Gifts

Jamie - A Young Sentinel

Jamie Pt 5 Jamie - Mending Fences Jamie - Unsteady Ground

Jamie - Promise In His Eyes

Jamie Pt 6 Jamie -Future Jamie - Celebration  


Control Series.

Control - One of my oldest stories, set around the first season. Jim hasn't dated since his Sentinel abilities came on-line, and he finds his control overwhelmed by Blair. 13 600 words.
Friends - And old friend of Blair's shows up, stirring up memories of the past for Blair. 4400 words.
Crisis - Blair goes to a party with an old friend and wakes up with a gap in his memory. Just what did he get up to while his lover was away? 5300 words.

Stand Alone Sentinel Stories; these stories are all slash - Jim/Blair.

A Positive Sign - Jim's brother is killed in a car accident and Blair is there to help him cope. 9000 words.

I'll Show You The Man - pre-slash story set before Jim's father became canon on the show. Contains mention of incest, non con and underage abuse.. 4000 words.

In Case of Emergency - Jim has a psychic moment. Sort of. 5500 words.

No Regrets - Long AU story where Jim meets Blair when the younger man is barely 16 years old. Adventure and romance ensues. Warnings for slightly underage sex. 30 000 words.

Ones Who Live Alone - Medieval AU utilizing elements of Ellis Peter's Brother Cadfael series, and Catherine Jinks Pagan series. You don't have to be familiar with either of these series of books to read this story though. 15 700 words.

Skeletons - Jim's dad visits Blair's mom. What is the skeleton in their closet? 1700 words.

Slave of My Heart - AU set in Roman times - Jim is a slave and Blair buys him. Inspired by Steven Saylor's Roma Sub Rosa series. 5600 words.

Take My Hand - Written in 1998 - Jim & Blair are in a hostage situation when their plane is hijacked. I hesitated about posting this old story post-911 - but I don't think anyone could find it offensive - at least I hope not. 7800 words.

The Dark Backward - The dark backward, and an abysm of time... 3600 words.

This Side of Heaven - Highlander/Sentinel crossover AU. Blair has an old secret... 6400 words.

Disguises - If I remember correctly someone wanted a small piece about Blair in drag. *facepalm* Not a little blame for this goes to Quantum Leap and Sam Beckett in a mini-skirt... 1500 words.

I'm Too Socksy - Another little challenge piece. I believe the prompt was - Jim in socks... 1500 words.


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